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This is a very unique compound that stimulates anabolic activity to build more lean muscle and increase strength without interacting with androgen receptors.

What does this mean? All of the muscle building,fat burning benefits without the side effects.

The ecdysterones in Super Rhanderol go directly to the muscle cells activating the Akt-Pkb pathway for increased protein synthesis,glucose absorption and gene expression.

This is 100% non-hormonal so if perfectly safe for both guys and girls and can be taken alongside other hormonal products like test boosters/estrogen blockers.

Primeval Labs have gone a step further with this product and introduced liposomal delivery. These work to protect the raw ingredients so they can't be broken down by the bodies enzymes and you get maximum results. If you've used a similar dose of this compound before you'll notice a much more pronounced effect from taking the Super Laxo by Primeval Labs.

Some research on this delivery system have shown up to a 1500% increases in bioavailability!

There is also research indicating Rhanderol is excellent for brain function,endurance and muscle recovery.

This is a true natural muscle building powerhouse!


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