4 Best Cardio Exercises to Burn Fat

Cardio exercise is very important and carries a lot of benefits with it. Let’s know more about it.


As you probably already know: Losing stubborn body fat and getting in shape may require for you to do some aerobic activity.

Cardio has received quite a lot of hate recently with people saying that aerobic exercises are responsible for muscle loss, that they are a waste of time and effort and bring nothing to the table.

However, scientific literature shows us a different perspective: That cardio is in fact a very powerful tool that carries with itself a number of weight-loss and muscle-building benefits:

For example, cardio exercises can help you lose those extra kilos of body fat (due to their high caloric requirement and the afterburn effect), improve your power output when at the gym, enhance your strength and endurance, boost muscle growth (by positively altering protein metabolism) and raise nitric oxide production, which improves the blood flow to your muscles..

Love them or hate them, aerobic exercises have been proven time and time again to be one of the fundamental pillars to a successful physique.

Something worth noting is the fact that not all cardio is equal – there is good cardio and there is bad cardio. I am not going to bore you with too much details, but the main difference is that bad cardio is all low intensity exercises that involve you being active for prolonged periods of time (we’re talking hours even) that are shown to cause muscle loss and even weight loss plateaus.

One of the best examples include: jogging, light walking, yoga workouts, stretching, etc.

Good cardio is the type of cardio that really gets your heart rate pounding, makes you sweat, is short and powerful, and leaves you completely exhausted.

So the question that remains is:
What are the best cardio exercises to burn fat?
In today’s article I am going to answer exactly that question by listing the…Top 4 Cardio Exercises to Burn Fat.


1.  Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

My personal favorite and probably the best cardio exercise on the list. I remember watching Rocky 4 as a kid where Stallone was preparing for the big fight and he had a nice little montage of him skipping rope as a form of cardio exercising.

I remember thinking to myself: “Damn, that looks so cool!”

Jump rope training has been proven to be one of the best aerobic exercises out there as it carries a vast number of benefits that help increase your physical fitness, but what’s best, it  burns a crap-tons of calories! Because it involves nearly every muscle and even brain power to keep up that coordination and make sure that you don’t trip over and fall. 30 minutes of Rope Jumping can burn as much as 400 calories at a normal pace!


2. Battle Rope

Battle Rope

OK, not as cheap nor as accessible and portable as the skipping rope, but nevertheless it’s one of the best cardio exercises for quick weight loss. The vast variability that they offer – there is no singular exercise that you can do but rather a selection of exercise combinations that battle ropes offer. Ropes are also known to help with the symmetrical strength and muscle development around the body – making sure that weaker/slacking body parts are growing stronger.

The only downside is that they are a bit more expensive than other cardio equipment (with an average price of $60 but can go as high as $100) and is not a widely provided gym equipment.

Which is pretty weird when you think about it because: Battle ropes offer an opportunity for very dynamic, explosive, effective and compound cardio exercises that will deliver the best results for your physique.

So if you’re wondering: “What exercise burns the most stomach fat” – Battle Ropes is your answer!


3. Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing

The reason why I love shadow boxing, except for the obvious boxing appeal, is that it’s one of the cardio exercises you can do at home. It requires no equipment and it can help you burn a ton of calories!

According to most sources you can burn up to 400 calories within 30-40 minute of shadow boxing. Obviously if you have access to a punching bag and/or an opponent against whom you can box, then even better because you can increase the amount of calories burned with about 30-50%.

But here is the best part: Shadow boxing helps you work on your abs!

Boxing in general is a very compound exercise as it essentially activates almost every muscle in your body. Certain movements however such as the uppercut and the hook that really work on the upper-body rotation have an extreme impact on your obliques and upper abs.

You can increase your caloric expenditure by adding movements that are of higher intensity such as knee kicks, elbow hits (which also work your abs), spinning-back-fist, etc. Or you can even purchase some small dumbbells for a couple of bucks to hold in your hands while swinging left and right.


4. Rowing


Rowing is a killer cardio exercise that gets your heart rate fast while also engaging nearly every muscle in the body. The main downside is that you need a Rowing Machine or an actual boat and river where you can, you know, row...

I usually go with the machine, because…well, I don’t really consider myself as an experienced rower and I might end up drowning after the first stroke.

I absolutely love, love, LOVE the rowing machine exercise. And for good reasons:

-  You can burn up to 400 calories in a 30 minute span.
-  It’s a multi joint compound exercise that activates nearly every muscle in the body.
-  It gives a really good pump for the legs, back and biceps.
-  Improves core strength.
-  Boosts muscle growth.
-  Improves muscle coordination.
-  Is perfect for muscle hydration (pump).

So there you have it – The best cardio exercises to burn fat!

Something worth remembering is that even with all of these powerful fat-burning exercises you really need to pay attention to your diet and nutrition. The purpose behind this article is to provide with an arsenal of extremely effective weight loss exercises that you can interchangeably use when at home or when at the gym. To also add some variation and entertainment to your workout and to make sure that you do not hit a plateau.

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